Our Strategies and Expertise

Strategies and expertise
Changing the system
Since 1964, Texas Health Institute has served as a trusted, leading voice on public health and health care issues in Texas and the nation. Our expertise, strategies, and nimble approach makes us an integral and essential partner in driving systems change efforts. We optimize our role as the independent public health institute in the state with the four key strategies below.

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Our Strategies

We are Texas-focused and nationally engaged on a range of health topics. Our work is focused on three priorities: advancing health systems transformation, strengthening public health infrastructure, and promoting healthy communities. We achieve these through four strategies: 

Leading Through Research and Evaluation

Provide and leverage objective, participatory, and applied research

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Translating Data and Insights into Impact

Empower communities and stakeholders with trusted and actionable information and tools

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Fostering Collaborative Action

Facilitate dialogue, partnerships, and actions for shared priorities

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Providing Technical Assistance and Training

Facilitate dialogue, partnerships, and actions for shared priorities

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Our Expertise

Behavioral Health

We also produce research and evaluation on behavioral health and access through our health equity projects. Through the Texas Primary Care Consortium we also seek to integrate mental health and substance use services into primary care. Recent behavioral health projects:

Community Health

The diverse landscape of Texas requires careful attention to unique local needs while offering opportunities for regional collaboration to address common needs across jurisdictions. We support communities in understanding unmet needs, emerging trends, assets, and opportunities. Recent community health projects:


Through the Mountain States Regional Genetics Network, we ensure people with heritable disorders and their families have access to quality care and genetic expertise through a network of clinics, primary care practices, consumer advocates, and state health department resources. Recent genetics projects:

Health Economics

By studying current laws, regulations, policies, and processes, we can examine the intersection between health and economics within health systems, communities, cities, states, or nationwide. Recent health economics projects:

Health of Those Who Have Served

Those who have served continue to face unique health challenges and needs. Our goal is to inform policies with actionable data and insights on the health of veterans in contrast the broader health of U.S. residents. Recent projects on the health of those who have served:

Oral Health

We believe oral health is an integral and essential part of overall health and wellbeing. Our team employs upstream strategies centered on improving oral health care and access across the lifespan. Recent oral health projects:

Primary Care

Primary care, when prioritized in the health system, results in people living longer lives with more equitable outcomes. Through the Texas Primary Care Consortium we facilitate collective action to advance equitable, comprehensive, and sustainable primary care for all Texans. Recent primary care projects:

Transgender Health

Transgender Texans face many challenges, including a high incidence of suicide attempts. We work to improve access to gender-affirming care free from bias, stigma, or and discrimination by facilitating research, educating providers, and championing affirming policies. Recent transgender health projects: